Map Instructions

Uses ESRI World Geocoding Services to locate an address

Click and hold the left mouse button to drag map

To Conduct a parcel search, locate the magnifying glass in the upper left of the map window.

Left click on a parcel to display related parcel information (This will highlight selected parcel)

Move cursor off of highlighted parcel to clear dialog box

Click "Clear Graphics" button to clear map graphics (MUST "Clear Graphics" to select a highlighted parcel)

Click "Print" button, then Click "Printout" link to print screen. Use browser "Print" to send image to printer.

Use the "Topographic" toggle button to reveal street names. Click button again for Imagery.

Use the "+ \ -" in upper left corner of map to zoom in or out of map based on cursor location ( or use wheel on mouse )

Use Home button above print button to zoom map to default extent

Scalebar in lower left corner of map is scaled to map extent in unit feet

Longitude and Latitude coordinates on bottom of map are based on location of cursor on the map

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